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कृषि पणन मंडळाच्या सहकायाने पुरंदरचे अंजीर प्रथमच युरोपीअन बाजारपेठेत निर्यात!

Purandar figs reach European Market for the first time with the support of
Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board! *

Figs are a very useful fruit for the human being. Figs are extremely nutritious for the body. Figs provide calcium, phosphorus, potassium, beta carotene and vitamin C and boost the body’s immune system. Helps to relieve weakness. In India, figs are grown in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Figs are cultivated on around 400 hectares in the state, out of which about 4300 MTs of fresh figs are produced. About 90-92% of these figs areproduced in Pune district.

Poona figs are widely available in the Purandar area of Pune district,
which is considered to be the best fig variety in India. Purandar fig, which is well known in the state and in the country, has got the Geographical Indication (GI). This has made it easier for figs to find markets in many countries. In fact, fresh figs in the country /state are hardly exported.

Most of the time figs are imported.
The Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board tries to market various Geographic (GI) products in the state by implementing various schemes. Inspired by Hon. Shri. Balasaheb Patil,
Minister, Co-operation and Marketing, Maharashtra State and in collaboration with the Agricultural Marketing Board, fresh figs were exported to the European market in Hamburg,

Germany for the first time in the history through Purandar Highlands Farmers Producer Company
Limited. Shri. Sunil Pawar, Director of Marketing and Managing Director, Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board provided the guidance at all critical stages of export protocol as this delicate
fruit were to be exported to the European market for the first time in the history.

Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board provided financial assistance as the state’s fresh figs would be tested for the first time in the European market.
Purandar Highlands Farmers Producer Company Limited is a farmer producing company with the objective of capturing new markets by branding Purandar figs in an excellent manner.

They have
developed a brand of figs called ‘Super Fig’. The test shipment sent to Pilz Schindler GmbH, located in Hamburg, Germany was successful. Figs have reached the market in excellent condition and are appreciated by the buyers. For the past 2 months, Purandar Highlands Farmers Producer Company, in collaboration with Ste- Pack (Packaging Solutions Expert) in Israel, Coldman Logistics and Warehouse and Jayjinendra
Cold Store, has conducted packhouse tests with Bayer Crop Science’s food chain division.

After preparing and following specific protocols in packhouse tests, the figs were found to be in perfect condition for 15 days. This successful packhouse test gave the grower confidence that the state’s
Purandar figs could now reach any market in the world and accordingly decided to send the test consignment to Germany.
Figs were purchased from Shri. Mayur Lavande and Shri. Saurabh Lavande’s Geographically

Tagged Fig Farms from Singapore village in Purandar taluka. Mr. Ketan Wagh of STEPAC ordered the packaging material from Israel and made it available. Mr. Chetan Bhot of Bayer Crop Science assisted in the entire project and implemented the European Export Protocol.

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